We all could use an extra day. Every item we sell is covered by our 30 day return policy. If your new, unused* item doesn’t work out, you have 30 days to return or exchange it. Simple.

Return options:

Ship your return: Returns can be submitted through your account.(click here if you did not create an account) If your return is approved, make sure you place the return form in the package. Without the form we cannot take care of your return. All return and exchange shipping costs are for the account of the buyer. In the case of warranty we will always send a replacement product. The shipping costs of the replacement are for our account. Refunds on warranty claims will be given only if there are no replacement products available. Buystores Europe strongly advises you to contact us regarding your warranty questions. See our Warranty page for more info about warranties

Return in person: Returns can be dropped off at our showroom. With every return it must first be registered. Without a return form your return can not be processed. Contact us for opening hours.

*All items must be returned in original condition, including manufacturer packaging, tags, documentation and any accessories. Returns will be refused if items arrive used or damaged due to improper packaging. Please ensure returns are carefully packaged.

We do not accept used items!

Got questions?

Our customer service is always happy to help you out. If you have your doubts concerning your return, then please contact us first before submitting!

You can contact us by or ship our item to: