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An ISUP island, often referred to as an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (ISUP) island or floating island, is a large inflatable platform designed for relaxation and social activities on the water. These floating islands are typically spacious enough to accommodate multiple people and are ideal for enjoying leisurely days on the water. Here are some key features and considerations regarding ISUP islands:


Inflatable Design: ISUP islands are made from durable materials such as PVC and drop-stitch construction, similar to individual ISUPs. When inflated, they become rigid and stable, creating a buoyant platform on the water.

Platform Size: ISUP islands come in various sizes, ranging from small models designed for a few people to larger ones that can accommodate groups of friends or family. The size you choose depends on your intended use and the number of people you want to accommodate.

Deck Space: The deck of an ISUP island typically features a non-slip surface for safety and comfort. It provides ample space for lounging, sunbathing, or setting up chairs, coolers, and other accessories.

Anchoring Points: Many ISUP islands come with anchor points or D-rings that allow you to secure the island to a stationary object or anchor it in place to prevent drifting.

Handles and Grab Lines: Some ISUP islands include handles or grab lines for easier boarding and transportation in and out of the water.

Cup Holders and Accessories: Certain models may have built-in cup holders and accessory attachment points for added convenience and entertainment options.


Inflation and Deflation: Like individual ISUPs, ISUP islands require inflation before use. You’ll need a suitable pump for this task. Deflating the island allows for easy storage and transport.

Transport and Storage: ISUP islands, while inflatable, can still be quite large when fully inflated. Consider how you’ll transport and store the island when not in use, especially if you have limited storage space.

Weight Capacity: Each ISUP island has a specified weight capacity, so be sure to choose one that can support the number of people and gear you plan to have on board.

Intended Use: Think about your intended use for the ISUP island. Some people use them for leisurely floating on calm waters, while others may anchor them in shallow areas for swimming and socializing.

Accessories: Depending on the model, ISUP islands may come with additional accessories such as a carrying bag, repair kit, or anchor.

ISUP islands provide a fun and social way to enjoy the water with friends and family. They’re perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, and taking in scenic views while floating on lakes, rivers, and calm coastal waters. When selecting an ISUP island, consider the size, features, and weight capacity that best suit your preferences and the number of people you plan to share your aquatic adventures with.