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Roswell Marine Audio 1211 DVC Ported Sub Enclosure

Experience the pinnacle of durability and sound quality with the Roswell Marine Audio 1211 DVC Ported Sub Enclosure. Crafted with precision from waterproof materials, this enclosure sets a new standard for marine audio performance.

Roswell R1 – Subwoofer

Feel the pulse of powerful bass with the Roswell R1 12” Subwoofer. Designed for marine environments, these subwoofers redefine audio excellence with versatile performance and integrated RGB LEDs. Elevate your boat's audiovisual experience today!

Roswell R1 SUB Package

Enhance your boat's audio journey with the Roswell R1 SUB Package. This complete solution features the dynamic R1 10” subwoofer with integrated RGB LEDs and the powerful R1 550.2 Marine Amplifier. Elevate your auditory and visual experience on the water!

Roswell R1 10” – Subwoofer

Feel the music like never before with the Roswell R1 10'' Subwoofer. Elevate your audio experience with powerful bass that adds depth and resonance to every note. Elevate your boat's sound today!