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Waterwear refers to clothing and gear designed for use in water-related activities, including wakeboarding. This category of gear is essential for keeping riders comfortable and safe while in the water. Here are some key items commonly associated with waterwear:

Wetsuits: Wetsuits are made of neoprene and provide thermal insulation by trapping a thin layer of water between the suit and the skin. This layer of water warms up and acts as an insulator, keeping the wearer warm even in cold water conditions.

Rash Guards: Rash guards, also known as rash vests or rashies, are lightweight, stretchy shirts designed to protect the skin from irritation, chafing, and sun exposure. They are commonly worn by wakeboarders to prevent skin abrasions from the wakeboard’s surface.

Board Shorts: Board shorts are loose-fitting shorts designed for water sports. They are quick-drying and typically made of materials like polyester or nylon. Board shorts provide comfort and freedom of movement for wakeboarding.

Neoprene Shorts or Pants: Neoprene shorts or pants are often worn in combination with a rash guard or wetsuit top. They offer additional insulation and coverage to the lower body.

Booties: Booties are water shoes made of neoprene or similar materials. They protect the feet from abrasions, rocks, and other underwater hazards. Some wakeboarders wear booties for added comfort and protection.

Hoods: Neoprene hoods are designed to keep the head and neck warm in cold water. They are commonly used in colder climates or during chilly seasons.

Swimwear: While wakeboarding, many riders wear swimwear such as swimsuits or bikinis underneath their wetsuits or waterwear. This provides extra flexibility and comfort.

Floatation Devices: Life vests and impact vests are essential for safety during wakeboarding. They provide buoyancy and protect the wearer from impacts and accidents in the water.

Sun Protection: In sunny conditions, it’s important to protect the skin from UV rays. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats are also considered part of waterwear to prevent sunburn and sun-related skin damage.

Waterwear is designed to enhance the wakeboarding experience by providing comfort, protection, and safety for riders. The choice of waterwear depends on factors like water temperature, weather conditions, personal preferences, and the specific type of wakeboarding you plan to engage in, whether it’s boat wakeboarding, cable park riding, or other variations of the sport.