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System hardware in the context of wakeboarding refers to the components and accessories that are used to attach the bindings or boots to the wakeboard. These components are crucial for ensuring that the bindings or boots are securely fastened to the board, allowing the rider to have proper control and stability while wakeboarding. Here are some key aspects of wakeboarding system hardware:

Mounting Screws: Wakeboards typically have inserts (often made of metal) that are strategically placed on the board. Mounting screws, also known as binding screws, are used to secure the bindings or boots to these inserts. These screws come in different lengths to accommodate the thickness of the bindings and the wakeboard.

Inserts: Inserts are the threaded metal or plastic holes embedded in the wakeboard. They serve as anchor points for the mounting screws. Wakeboards have multiple inserts that allow riders to adjust the stance width and angles of their bindings or boots.

Washers: Washers are often used in conjunction with mounting screws. They help distribute the pressure more evenly when the screws are tightened, reducing the risk of damage to the wakeboard.

Thread Locker: Some riders use thread locker, a special adhesive, on the mounting screws to prevent them from coming loose during wakeboarding sessions. It’s important to use thread locker sparingly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stance Alignment Plates: Stance alignment plates or discs can be placed between the bindings or boots and the wakeboard to fine-tune the rider’s stance angles. These plates allow riders to adjust the angles of their bindings or boots to suit their riding style and preferences.

Mounting Hardware Kits: Wakeboarding manufacturers often provide mounting hardware kits that include all the necessary screws, washers, and alignment plates required to attach the bindings or boots to the wakeboard. These kits are convenient and ensure that the rider has the correct components.

Screwdriver or Tool: Riders need the appropriate tool, such as a screwdriver or a wakeboard-specific tool, to tighten the mounting screws securely. It’s essential to use the correct tool to avoid damaging the wakeboard or the screws.

Properly securing the bindings or boots to the wakeboard with the right system hardware is crucial for safety and performance while wakeboarding. Riders should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines when attaching their bindings or boots to the wakeboard to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Regularly inspecting the hardware for tightness and wear is also important to prevent accidents and maintain optimal performance on the water.