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Combo skis, short for combination skis, are a type of waterskis designed for beginner and recreational water skiers. These skis are specifically crafted to provide stability and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for individuals who are new to water skiing or those looking for a relaxed skiing experience. Here are some key features and considerations regarding combo skis:


Design: Combo skis are typically characterized by a wider, more stable design compared to other waterski types. They have a broader tip and tail for enhanced stability on the water.

Bindings: Combo skis are equipped with bindings that secure the skier’s feet to the skis. These bindings are adjustable to accommodate different foot sizes and can be tightened for a secure fit.

Construction: Combo skis are often constructed from lightweight materials such as wood, fiberglass, or a combination of both. The choice of materials contributes to their ease of use and buoyancy.

Dual Front Bindings: One distinctive feature of combo skis is the presence of dual front bindings. These bindings allow the skier to have both feet secured to the skis, which provides stability and helps beginners maintain balance.

Fins: Combo skis typically have fins on the underside of the skis to aid in stability and tracking. The fins help keep the skis on a straight path while skiing.


Beginner-Friendly: Combo skis are designed with beginners in mind. Their wide and stable design makes it easier for new skiers to get up on the water and maintain balance.

Skill Progression: While combo skis are great for beginners, they can also be used by intermediate skiers who are looking for a more relaxed and enjoyable skiing experience. As skills improve, skiers can transition to other types of skis.

Ski Length: Combo skis come in various lengths, and the choice depends on the skier’s weight and skill level. Longer skis offer more stability but may be less maneuverable.

Bindings Comfort: Ensure that the bindings are comfortable and provide a secure fit to prevent foot slippage during skiing.

Safety: Always wear a properly fitted life jacket when using combo skis, and adhere to safety guidelines and rules for water skiing in your area.

Combo skis are an ideal choice for individuals who want to enjoy the excitement of water skiing without the steep learning curve associated with more advanced ski types. They offer a fun and approachable way to experience the thrill of gliding across the water’s surface, making them suitable for families, beginners, and those looking for a leisurely water skiing experience.