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Booms are typically attached to the side of a boat and extend outward over the water. They play a crucial role in helping beginners and learners get up on their skis or wakeboards and maintain their balance during the initial stages of skiing or wakeboarding. Here are some key features and considerations regarding booms:


Attachment to the Boat: Booms are securely attached to the side of the boat, often near the stern (back). They extend outward and over the water to provide a stable and easily accessible point for skiers or wakeboarders.

Tow Rope Attachment: Booms have a dedicated attachment point for the tow rope and handle. This attachment is typically positioned at a height that allows for easy handoff to the skier or wakeboarder.

Adjustable Height: Some booms have an adjustable height feature, allowing for customization to suit the skier’s or wakeboarder’s preference and skill level.


Training Aid: Booms are often used as training aids for beginners and learners, especially children and individuals who are new to water skiing or wakeboarding. They provide a stable and controlled environment for teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

Learning Balance: Booms allow skiers and wakeboarders to practice getting up on their skis or wakeboards and work on their balance and posture before attempting to ski or wakeboard behind the boat.

Safety: Booms can enhance safety during the learning process by reducing the risk of falls and providing a secure point of contact with the tow rope and handle.

Transition to Deep Water: Once a skier or wakeboarder gains confidence and skill on the boom, they can transition to skiing or wakeboarding behind the boat in deeper water.

Boat Type: Booms are typically used with inboard boats or specialized training boats that are equipped with the necessary attachment points. Not all boats are suitable for boom use.

Supervision: It’s important to have an experienced instructor or spotter on board to assist the skier or wakeboarder while using the boom and to ensure their safety.

Booms are valuable tools for introducing newcomers to the world of water skiing and wakeboarding. They provide a controlled and supportive environment for learning and gaining confidence before transitioning to skiing or wakeboarding behind the boat. For individuals who are new to these water sports, using a boom can help make the learning process more enjoyable and less intimidating.